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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transitioning to Whole Milk

According to The Academy of American Pediatrics, it is appropriate to start the transition from breastfeeding/formula to whole milk sometime around the first birthday. We very slowly introduced Baby A to it and I am happy to say, BYE BYE formula! We are done!

Here are some tips to make the switch easier...

1.  If you are also switching from a bottle to sippy cup, the milk in the sippy cup.
2. If your baby drinks 5oz at a time, start with 1oz whole milk*, 4 oz formula/breastmilk.
3. After several days if she is tolerating well, increase to 2oz milk/3oz formula.
4. Continue with 3oz milk/ 2oz formula....4oz milk/ 1oz formula....
5. We continued this until we got to the last scoop (last week!) of formula- let's not waste that expensive powder, right? :)
6. When your baby is ready, voila, whole milk it is!  Bring on the milk mustaches!

*Please discard this information if your child has weight-gain issues, dairy intolerance, allergies, etc etc etc. Please consult your pediatrician instead.

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