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Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Farming

How cool!  I have grown my own vegetables for the last two years and I am border-line obsessed with it. I live in a townhouse community with a very small "yard/patio".  My space is extremely limited, but each year, I figure out some more ways to make it work. I have several shepherd hooks in the garden and this year am thinking of hanging a few Topsy Turvy gardens on them.

I am also considering doing some indoor gardening as well. Does anybody have any experience with these?


My sister has much more space than I do and grows an impressive amount of veggies each year. This year, I proposed share-cropping! :)  I am going to help my sister & her family, both in the garden and financially with the start-up! YEA! I'm so excited! I'm over there at least once a week as is, so why not? I will keep you updated on our progress.

Check out these great links related to home gardening:

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6. Get free seeds!

Do you grow anything? What? How? Please do leave a comment and share! I can't wait to hear!


Jennifer Parke Photography said...

I personally have tried growing tomatoes inside but they didn't make it :( My Dad has a huge garden but he starts a lot of his plants inside but you need to have lots of light whether it is natural or a lamp - oh and he plants tomatoes in large barrels but you could put them in a planter - if you start them now just remember to bring them inside when it is cool at night!

Good Luck!

Jacki Small said...

We're doing this same thing with our brother and sister-in-laws this year, since we also have a very small yard, and need the little space we have for our dogs. I'm very excited! but I am hoping to start my own small indoor herb garden this year too.

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