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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Want Healthy Kids?

Learn to Cook! That's what the good ladies at Cheap, Healthy, Good say in their article for CNN. I love that blog, it's always filled with great recipes and resources.  In their article they tell you to revive the lost art of cooking simple healthy meals. I am half really good at this and then half very bad because we get too much take out.  I need to figure something out- like sticking to making meals one day per week for the rest of the week. I just find that my schedule is a erratic these days with being a teacher, a photographer and a mother...Any tips? Feel free to comment.

Anyway!  Here's a small snippet of their advice:

But make no mistake: Cooking is power. By preparing dishes in your own kitchen, you can improve your family's health, save a ton of money and encourage your kids' development in ways that go beyond the kitchen. Grandma was on to something.

Want more? Read the whole article here.


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