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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sing it, sister! WE are the teachers of children, not the opposite.

I read a blog by a teacher who is currently eating (and blogging about) school lunch every single day. Blech.  She had a great post a few weeks ago after [barely] swallowing down a dry hot dog...

Here's the article: Day 44: Hot Dog

After describing the poor meal she ate, she states what should be the obvious-
Aren't we the teachers?
Aren't we the ones who should be showing children proper nutrition?
Should we allow menus (school/home) to be dictated by what we think the child will eat?
Or, should we expose our children to amazingly delicious NUTRITIOUS foods? 

I often find myself red in the face, stuttering when somebody acts shocked that I don't give my child french fries. I have explained several times that she is less than 1 year old and I don't think she needs fried food.  This [borderline] offends people. I have no idea why.  A few weeks ago, at a family dinner, when the subject got brought up, AGAIN, I was told, well you could bake them. And that's fine, we just don't eat fries at home, so I don't bake them. Will I in the future? SURE! I'm all about making sweet potato fries and the like, but until then, it shouldn't be a big deal.

Have you run into this at all?  Why do I feel so embarrassed when it comes up? I am not going to ban fried foods and all that from my children, but I just don't feel the need to introduce them so young...



Heidi said...

My daughter is 8 months and I haven't gotten that yet. I always get "why don't you feed her what you're eating" but the truth is that my husband and I use a LOT of spice when cooking and I'm just not sure that she's ready for that. And what about the guidelines like no strawberries or milk for a year?

I can't even IMAGINE giving her french fries.

We don't eat them much in our house at all so I'm with you there. But no one has said anything to me about fried food yet and it would aggravate me if they did!

Caits said...

Hey Heidi! Check out the book Feeding Baby Green if you have a chance. I read that when Ava was right around that age and they encourage you to give the baby everything that you eat- spices included. You can always make it a little less spicy for her. Ava loves spices!

The book says that now is the prime time for exposure to all of those fabulous foods you guys are eating.

That being said, you have to do what you're comfortable with.

As for strawberries and milk, I went by for strawberries- 10 months I think it says. Baby A now LOVES them.

Milk- we started to introduce gradually just before her first birthday.

Thanks for the comment!!!

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