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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Whoops, I forgot to write about the last two weeks.  That being said, I'm sad to see the show end. I feel anxious that the "revolution" will stop in it's tracks. I am hearing rumors that the schools have gone back to their old ways (which we kind of saw in the last episode), but I hope that's not true. I shudder to think my daughter will be attending school and possibly be trading her friends her wholesome, healthy meals for cheap, processed chemical-crap. YUCK.

I think Jamie Oliver and all involved had great intentions, great ideas, and I do hope they have inspired people.  If nothing else, the show provided a great eye-opening experience for my husband and I and opened up many great conversations between us.

I really hope a follow up episode and possibly a spin-off tv show develop in the future!

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