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Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Revolution: Week Two

I figure I'd better post about week two before week THREE airs tonight!

My favorite part: 
Love, love, love the idea to have high school students cook for and speak to state senators and other bigwigs in the local government.  What is more moving than hearing real stories from our youth?  It's so easy to be removed from reality and Jamie had the perfect plan to let the students' voice be heard.

I thought it was cool that the kids actually cooked for the guests, all the while, the guests thought they were eating food cooked by a famous chef. Sneaky, sneaky, Jamie!

I was surprised by:

Jamie being so taken by the young boy who has anger management issues, and it made my love for him become even more solidified. He seems truly caring toward these students~ and that shows in his actions, not just his words.

Go Jamie! Go Alice!
Peace out, french fries, and please, please, America, STOP COUNTING FRIES AS VEGGIES!!!!!!!!

::steps off soap box::

I feel like Alice,  the "lunch lady" is beginning to soften up a bit. I can't blame her for being resistent, she has a job to do, and he is rocking her very being at that school.

Looking forward:
Tonight's episode looks really good~ he takes the radio DJ to the local funeral home to show plus-sized coffins. I had not idea these existed, but when you think about it, of course they would.  What a creative way to bring the message home.

Tell me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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