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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earth Day Events @ Anthropologie

Anthropologie is offering FREE workshops on Earth Day!!!

From their facebook invite:
Come get your hands dirty at our container gardening workshop! Our resident green thumbs will be on hand, dispensing tips that'll keep your pots and planters looking lively all season.

820 North State St, Chicago, IL 4/22/2010, 2pm-4pm
Aventura, FL 4/25/2010, noon-2pm
Bellevue, WA 4/17/2010, noon-4pm
Beverly Hills, CA 4/22/2010, noon-4pm
Birmingham, MI 4/17/2010, 10am-2pm
Boston, MA 4/22/2010, 11am-3pm
Chevy Chase, MD 4/24/2010, 10am-noon
Downtown Seattle, WA 4/22/2010, 6pm-8pm
Geneva, IL 4/23/2010, 11am-2pm
Glendale, CA 4/22/2010, 2pm-4pm
Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 4/22/2010, 11am-4pm
Huntsville, AL 4/22/2010, noon-2pm
Indianapolis, IN 4/21/2010, 6pm-8pm
Jacksonville, FL 4/22/2010, 1pm-3pm
Kansas City, MO 4/22/2010, 4pm-7pm
Los Angeles, CA 4/22/2010, noon-2pm
Madison, WI 4/22/2010, noon-2pm
Maple Grove, MN 4/18/2010, noon-3pm
Miami Beach, FL 4/22/2010, 1pm-3pm
Minneapolis, MN 4/22/2010, 10am-noon
Myrtle Beach, SC 4/22/2010, 4pm-6pm
Naples, FL 4/17/2010, 11am-1pm
Oak Brook, IL 4/22/2010, noon-3pm
Orlando, FL 4/16/2010, 11am-3pm
Philadelphia, PA 4/22/2010, noon-2pm
Portland, OR 4/22/2010, 4pm-7pm
Santa Barbara, CA 4/21/2010, 2pm-5pm
Santa Monica, CA 4/21/2010, noon-2pm
Schaumburg, IL 4/24/2010, 11am-noon
South Windsor, CT 4/22/2010, 11am-3pm
Tampa, FL 4/22/2010, 4pm-6pm
Toronto, ON 4/21/2010, 3-5pm
Torrance, CA 4/23/2010, noon-3pm
Troy, MI 4/22/2010, 1pm-4pm
West Palm Beach, FL 4/22/2010, 3pm-5pm
Woodmere, OH 4/14/2010, 10am-1pm

Thanks, Meredith!!!!

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