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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 6: Standard Process Cleanse

Day 6 was a work day for me. I was nervous to see how I'd do on the road, but it was okay! I was thrilled to see the scale said 135 today. That is down 49lbs from two years ago, the day I had my daughter. It's 17 less than I was when I got pregnant with Ava, and 9lbs down from where I was when I started this nutrition class! Woo hoo! I have ten pounds to go until my goal weight, but I am psyched.

I also took my measurements on May 2 so I could have a baseline. I measured again today and found that
I lost:
1in on my thighs
2in above my knees (huge trouble spot for me and I THOUGHT they were looking better!!!)
2in on my hips
3.5in around my waist (!)
and 1in on my arms

Pretty awesome.

Today I ate varied shakes with powder, spinach or kale, and some type of frozen fruit. I took my supplements 3x per day also.

I wasn't very hungry today, I'm not sure if it's because I was really busy, or if I was stressed that our hot water heater blew, or what.

I also had some delicious roasted mushrooms! Mmm!

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