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Monday, May 30, 2011

Standard Process Day 13

Any day that starts with weight loss is a good day. I got on the scale and was down another pound, making that 8 total on the cleanse!

I went light on food today since yesterday I felt so icky.  I had a shake in the AM and one at lunch along with supplements. I included fresh local strawberries and spinach in my shakes. Mmm.

I went dress shopping in the morning for a friend's November wedding. It was pretty exciting to be at Alfred Angelo and fit comfortably in an 8 (usually you have to get a size or two up from yours), but I also tried on a few 6's that looked pretty okay, too! YAY!

I drove home from Cherry Hill and arrived home at 2, which is what time bbq#3 of the weekend started. I chopped up a green pepper, a red pepper, a small onion and de-stemmed some mushrooms. Then I cut turkey cutlets from Bolton's and fashioned a few kabobs for myself. I pulled the second jar of bean dip out of the fridge and prepared some asparagus from our CSA. I put them in a ziplock (bpa-free) with some EVOO, pepper, salt, and ground up some fresh garlic (ground?). I shook the bag around then threw that in the cooler, too.

At the party I had some veggies and white bean hummus, and 2 kabobs. They were insanely good, even though the mac 'n cheese, baked beans and taco dip were beckoning me. Dessert for everybody (except me) included ice cream and fresh whipped cream. I wasn't hungry in the least, but in days past would have definitely had some anyway.  Physically, I feel much better today. Not bloated and in pain. I have never ever attended 3 bbq's in a row and come out on the other side not feeling like total crap. I am so proud of myself and really excited for future events. I am so motivated by this cleanse! I love living my life my way and making smart choices that make me feel good!

I hope you had a good weekend!

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