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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Standard Process: Day 9

Day 9 was good, on the go as always! I had a photoshoot in the morning (Ava came with), then we went to Bolton's Turkey Farm to pick up turkey lunch meat , turkey cutlets and some local peanut butter (none of which I can eat)! Next, we headed to Care 'N Share in Souderton because my cousin tipped me off that they had a juicer!

I got this for $60, regularly $90!

I also picked this up for $15:
This was really exciting for me because my blender had a plastic pitcher. I have been wanting glass for awhile now but couldn't justify the cost since mine still worked. A few weeks ago, I set the top of the pitcher down on the hot stove and completely melted so I have to put a bowl on top of mine! Enough of that!

The juicer was particularly exciting for me because my girlfriend generously gave me a juicer she found in her basement---this little guy:
Well. I scrubbed all his parts, prepared my fruits and veggies, and fired him up. I got halfway through and he stopped working. Then, he started smoking and a brown fluid started dripping out of the back! Crap!

Today I had two smoothies with strawberries and spinach. I made beet chips from 1 beet and sweet potato chips from 1/2 a potato. I ate 1/2 for breakfast and half with lunch.  With the go ahead from my nutritionist, I ate some edamame as well.

After my thrift store scores, Abes and I headed to my cousin's house to learn how to make pickles, and to learn how to can by using a 10-minute hot water bath.

Don't they look amazing?!

Ava and I ate some fruit while we got ready for dinner today, fresh local strawberries and very non-local pineapple.

Dinner for me was an artichoke and a portobello mushroom, yummy!

I lost another pound, bringing my total to 7 on the cleanse, 10 since starting my class. Woohoo!

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