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Monday, May 30, 2011

Standard Process Days 11 and 12!

Eep, I'm behind. I have not hardly been home at all these past few days, running from photo sessions to bbqs and today it's running from bridesmaid dress shopping in NJ to another bbq. I'm going to be quick and a little more brief.

Since I was running all over town, it was hard to get in all my shakes. I even missed supplements last night.  I added protein back in which was very exciting, so Saturday, it was mahi mahi, yesterday, a little sushi at lunch, white bean hummus and salmon with dinner. Guess what though? I got a huge stomach ache after the sushi that lasted into the middle of the night last night. Bummer.

I also added coffee back in. YUM. I love my coffee and for now am adding plain soymilk, though I honestly don't love soymilk. Normally I use a little milk and honey. It's kind of been too hot for coffee, so I take it in the car on the way to my session and enjoy it with the ac blasting on me!

Let's see, what did I eat? Random stuff, and been loving juicing still!

I take all that, throw it in the juicer, and get this!
Here's Abes and I enjoying bbq #1 of 3 this weekend!
I made avocado dip for Saturday's party, and white bean hummus for Sunday and Monday's parties.
I drank lots of shakes of course, and ate lots of veggies!

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