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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 8: Standard Process Cleanse

I told you I am missing coffee, a ton. I reached out to my nutritionist today to see her thoughts. She said I can add some in, but to wait until Day 11 to let the Green Food supplements get into my system (I just started taking them today). I am SOOOOO super excited! She also told me I can add turkey as well as chicken this coming weekend. I'm thrilled and already bought some fish to consume Saturday. I might even have it for breakfast, no promises (I LOVE SEAFOOD)!
Crystal also let me know that I can have green tea on the clease! Eep! I didn't know!
So I drove over to Starbucks after seeing my students and pulled up to the window:

Me-"Hello! I have a weird question for you."
Barista- "Sure, go ahead!"
Me-"Do you have plain green tea?"
Barista- "Of course we do! Why is that weird?"
Me- "Oh, I don't know, I don't you only had fun drinks! That's what I normally get anyway, haha!"
Barista- I hear laughing over the intercom. :)

So today I  got two shakes in. I used kale in one, spinach in the other.* I also added some carrots in. They were starting to turn and I didn't want them to go to waste. I used some frozen berries as well.
 You know I had some sweet potato chips! They are so addicting. I roast them in the morning then put them in a reusable lunch bag and take them in my purse. They do not stay as crisp because I don't have time to let them cool all the way, but they're still damn good!

For lunch, I took my supplements and had the rest of my tomato soup from last night. The tomato soup is just AWESOME! It's soooooooo good! I just love it! The work room at my office was psychotically hot (like always), so I actually ate it chilled and it was just as good- and really refreshing!!!
I forgot to take a picture of my tall tazo green tea. Mmmm.
I got home from work, and basically had to get ready for class, so I took my supplements, made my smoothie and jumped in the car!

*Whenever my fresh spinach or kale is starting to turn, I throw it in a bpa-free freezer-safe ziplock and throw it in my freezer. It's perfect for smoothies!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Caitlin...I love reading about your experience on the cleanse...I know I'll be checking back often when I start next week. Thanks for paving the way!