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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Traveling without Breaking Your "Diet"

I've been working really hard to completely change my family's lifestyle over the last year or two.  We have changed what kind of milk we consume, we have become active, and we have cut 99% of the processed foods we used to eat out of our diets.

As I packed and prepared for a visit with family in Texas, I grew a little anxious. What would I eat? Are they going to think we're snobs with our free-range eggs? Will I be able to find organic milk that is not ultra-pasteurized?  Thankfully, I worried for no reason! My step-mother and I did the grocery shopping together and she was very interested in seeing what I was buying and why.  We planned deliciously healthy meals at home, visited the farmer's market, and even had dinner at a restaurant that serves local, organic, seasonal menus!

We primarily shopped at a grocery store called Market Street.  Philly locals can compare Market Street with Wegmans, it's just as awesome. Lots of local brands are featured, and there is a decent organic selection.  We enjoyed picking out local, organic hummus, local raw honey, and local beef!

We really wanted to try out Restaurant Ava and mistakenly left it for our last night- a Monday, and they were closed! Bummer! Luckily, my dad came up with another great idea- Seasons 52.  Seasons 52 is a more upscale restaurant that serves fun martinis, fine wines, and deliciously fresh meals. We all had yummy meals and left feeling very satisfied.  Guess what? We have one right in King of Prussia! Awesome!

On the way home, we had lunch at the airport. I looked the menu up and down and nothing really seemed appealing. I finally decided on a yummy tex-mex salad, and was really disappointed when my salad arrived and it was SKY-HIGH with iceburg lettuce. Blech. I haaaaaaate iceburg, mainly because it lacks taste and does not boast many nutrients.  I felt completely awful but I asked the server if the menu had specified that it would include iceburg.  The menu actually said salad greens (which to me, would be much more green than iceburg lettuce), and he graciously offered to get me a new one. I have NEVER EVER sent a meal back and I was purple with embarrassment, but I took him up on his offer and received a beautifully green salad in exchange.  Phew.

We also packed KIND bars, organic raisins, and almonds that we bought and roasted ourselves.

We had a wonderful visit and I feel really good about the choices I was able to make throughout.

Did I eat some nachos and sloppy tex mex? Yes! Did I eat a Philly cheesesteak and some ice cream for dessert? Yes! But hey, it's vacation:)

1 comment:

Michelle J. said... went to TX and got a Philly cheesesteak? That's crazy!